At Fyberus, thinking people share unique experiences. It will be equally interesting for programmers and journalists, admins and advertisers, analysts and designers, top and middle managers, owners of large companies and small firms, And also to all those for whom IT is not just two letters of the alphabet. 

People write interesting materials here on various topics and comment on them. Here you can ask questions and get answers, discuss current topics, look for a job or freelance and communicate directly with large companies.

On Fyberus, everyone is equal. It is an active, self-regulating community that only allows high-quality content to pass through: interesting posts are added to and actively comment, uninteresting ones are minus and ignored. Karma and rating help maintain balance. Karma illustrates the relationship of the community to the user, and the rating shows his contribution to the community. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it.”

Anyone who publishes a post can count on live interest from the rest of the participants: thousands of views and dozens of sensible comments to the original material are guaranteed.


The project team supports the community and financially rewards authors for posts if they are highly rated by readers. The editorial office is ready to help with the design of materials, obtaining information, and accreditation for events. This is because the content is king.

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