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A new vector editor for creating interface layouts appeared for Linux

Recently, the creators of the vector graphics editor Akira, which has been working on for a couple of years, published the first test issues. The graphical package is intended for creating interface layouts.

The authors of Akira stated that their goal is to create a tool for professionals, with which you can prepare high-quality interface layouts. Probably, the editor can be called a competitor to Sketch, Figma, Inkscape and Adobe XD, but it is sharpened exclusively for Linux. It also differs from Inkscape in that it is not focused on print design.

Akira also has a slightly different approach to organizing the workflow. It doesn't have the ability to generate code or work interfaces. Instead, developers offer professional tools for solving more universal tasks, such as rendering vector graphics or creating interface layouts.

The editor treats each shape as a separate polygon with two levels of editing. The first level — editing the shape itself-is enabled immediately when you select it. In this case, tools are available for typical transformations, such as rotation and resizing.

As for the second level, contour editing, Akira allows you to move, add and delete nodes of the shape contour using Bezier curves. You can break or close contours.

The developers also created their own .akira file format, which is essentially a zip archive with SVG files and a local git repository with changes. But if you need the usual formats, you can export images to SVG, JPG, PNG, and PDF.

In early 2019, the developers launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project but received three times less than requested — about 15 thousand euros instead of 41 thousand. However, they did not stop working, continuing to use their own resources in the development process. As far as we can judge from the available information, the finished product is exactly what the developers promised to create when launching the Kickstarter campaign.

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