Amazon Alexa 'Finishes' One of US's Most Popular Names Year-over-Year

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, released in 2014, ended the Alexa name, which is often used in the United States. Alexa, the 32nd most popular name in the country in those years, became the 139th most popular name in 2019, the lowest level since 1992.

Technology companies put various names on the services they produce as a result of their work. Some of them are unique and unheard-of names, while others are preferred from within life. Samsung, for example; preferred to give his voice assistant an unheard-of name, such as Bixby, while Amazon used a name like "Alexa". But Amazon's choice led to the end of an era in the UNITED States. So much so that this name is now almost forgotten.

The name Alexa has been a popular us name in recent years. People were giving this name, which sounds good, to newborn children, making it increasingly popular. But after 2014, that began to change. Parents stopped giving the name of the world's most popular voice assistant to their children. Analyzing data from the US Social Security Administration, Statista reveals how this name is losing power.

Alexa was the 32nd most preferred name in the U.S. in 2015

According to Statista's data, 6052 baby girls born in 2015 were named Alexa. This means Alexa was the 32nd most popular name in the country for that year. Over the years, this has changed noticeably. The less preferred name each year fell to 1995 in 2019, with a decline in 21 percent, 18 percent, 21 percent, and percentage levels year-on-year. By 2019, the popularity of the name Alexa in the UNITED States had dropped to 139th place, the lowest level for the name Alexa since1992.

The preferred rate of the name Alexa has decreased over the years as follows

Data from US authorities shows that Amazon Alexa directly influences the popularity of this name. And at this rate, it seems that one day, no child born in the U.S. will be named Alexa. As a result, the above data does not cover the year 2020, and when the data for the past year are released, we can clearly say that the decline can be experienced even more sharply. Because Amazon Alexa is being used in a little more and more places every day, and a lot more people are being aware of this voice assistant...

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