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Apple Blocks Facebook Update That Calls App Store's 30 Percent Commission "Tax"

Apple has prevented Facebook from telling users on its social media mobile app that some of their in-app purchases or donations remain as an App Store tax.

The August update of the Facebook app includes a charitable feature for buying virtual tickets for online concerts and other paid streams hosted by artists, singers, or users. The social network thus decided to help content creators partially compensate for their reduced income due to the pandemic.

Facebook planned to negotiate with Apple that in this case, in the App Store, users will not be charged a 30 percent tax on the app store on such in-app purchases. But Apple denied Facebook this opportunity.

After that, the developers of the Facebook application decided to add an information line about this App Store commission when making a payment. When the new feature was announced, screenshots with this line in the updated application were shown by Facebook to its users.

But this version of the application did not suit the App Store moderators. They blocked this update. The reason for the refusal is an App Store rule that prevents developers from showing users "irrelevant" (irrelevant) information in the application. Facebook developers have removed this line in the current version of the updated app.

Earlier in mid-August, Apple removed the Fortnite app from the App Store due to an in-app listing policy violation after attempting to enable Fornite mobile to purchase in-game virtual currency (V-bucks) by direct payment. Apple clarified that the AppStore requires a company to receive a 30 percent commission on any in-app purchases made by the user. Epic Games' Action Supports Spotify, Tinder, Pavel Durov, and Facebook.

In early August of this year, Facebook criticized the rules of the App Store, as it was unable to release a full-fledged application therefor viewing Facebook Gaming game streams. As a result, iPhone and iPad users were left without mini-games built into this application.

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