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Apple has removed Epic Games account and all company games from the App Store

On August 28, 2020, Apple implemented a previously voiced threat - it removed the Epic Games account and all the company's games from the App Store. Removed apps from app store: Fortnite, Infinity Blade, Tyrian, and Battle Breakers. Currently, there are no apps in the developer account ( link to an empty Epic Games account). The App Store is throwing an error whenever you try to visit Epic Games or one of its apps using a direct link. Also, deleted games are not available in the app store search.

Epic Games games can no longer be downloaded to iOS devices at this time, even if they were previously available to the user in the Purchase menu. Previously, the latest version of Fortnite could be installed if the app was linked to a user account.

Epic Games has opened a dedicated FreeFortnite portal, where he explains to users his version of current events against Apple. It previously posted a warning that iOS users won't be able to access Fortnite Season 14 (Season 4 Chapter 2), which will open on August 27. As a result, many players with iOS devices have lost access to cross-platform multiplayer from PC, Android, and consoles. Epic Games explained that although the Mac version of Fortnite is distributed not through the App Store, but through its own launcher, Epic still needs a developer account to sign the game as a trusted application to the system. In fact, gamers on iOS and macOS are stuck with the older version of Fortnite and can only play between the two platforms. Moreover, these game users cannot make in-game purchases through Apple Pay.

“It's a shame that we had to remove our Epic Games account from the App Store. We've worked with the Epic Games team for many years on their releases. The court recommended that Epic adhere to the App Store rules for the duration of the case - the rules that Epic followed over the past decade until it created this situation. Epic declined. Instead, she continually submitted Fortnite updates that violate App Store policies for review. This is unfair to other developers in the App Store and puts customers in an awkward position. We hope to return to cooperation in the future, but unfortunately this is not possible now, ” Apple said .

The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, explained that Apple is being disingenuous, saying that developers have spammed the App Store with Fortnite updates. Epic has just released three Fortnite builds to Apple recently: two bug fixes and a new season update.

Notably, in anticipation of the removal of Epic Games 'account from the App Store, Apple has begun promoting another battle royale game - PUBG Mobile, which uses Epic Games' Unreal Engine. The Unreal Engine developer account in the App Store has not been deleted and has access to all Apple tools.

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