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Apple security chief convicted of trying to bribe 200 iPads for permission to conceal weapons

The California District Attorney has accused Apple security chief Thomas Moyer of trying to bribe the police. Moyer, according to the prosecutor's office, offered the junior sheriff of Santa Clara County to donate 200 iPads worth $ 70,000. In exchange, he asked for a CCW license for four of the company's security personnel.

The attempted bribery came to light during an extortion check on the sheriff's office. The investigation of the case went on for two years. Prosecutors concluded that Sheriff Lance Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen refused to issue weapons permits until the applicants provided something of value in return. According to District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen, the bribe would have been carried out if it had not been for the search of the sheriff's office.

"Sun and Jensen received a promise from Thomas Moyer that Apple would hand over several iPads to the sheriff's office," the district attorney said in a statement. "We are talking about two hundred iPads worth about $ 70,000."

Ed Swanson, Moyer's lawyer, claims his client is innocent. According to him, Apple was aware of the allegations, conducted an internal investigation, and found no violations.

“Apple was considering donating an iPad to the sheriff's training center. The employees of the company actually applied for carrying weapons. But there is no connection between the two events, ”Swanson says.

The head of Apple's security, according to the lawyer, "was embroiled in a feud between officials."

"This case concerns a long feud between the Santa Clara County Sheriff and the District Attorney, and Tom was embroiled in this dispute," Bloomberg quoted the attorney as saying. “We hope that Tom's innocence will be clarified in court and we will put an end to this persecution. He has done nothing wrong and has acted honestly throughout his career. We have no doubt that he will be acquitted in court, ”Swanson said.

During the investigation, it turned out that the junior sheriff has repeatedly resorted to similar tactics. In particular, Chad's insurance broker Harpreet has also been accused of bribery. According to the investigation, in 2019, he promised Sungu in exchange for a CCW license to buy tickets for a hockey game worth $ 6,000.

Sheriff Lance Sung and Captain Jensen viewed CCW licenses as commodities and found buyers. Bribe seekers should be reported to the district attorney's office, not encouraged, ”Rosen said.

Thomas Moyer has worked at Apple for about 15 years. His department is responsible for helping company employees in crisis situations such as fires and hurricanes. In addition, he must oversee the physical safety of colleagues, conduct safety investigations, and ensure the secrecy of new products and prototypes.

One of his predecessors, John Therio, left Apple in 2011 after being accused of employees posing as police officers while trying to retrieve a lost iPhone prototype.

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