• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Apple vows to fix Watch Series 5 and SE if software update doesn't fix charging

Apple has acknowledged a charging issue with Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple Watch SE after updating watchOS to versions 7.2 and 7.3 and has promised to repair the devices free of charge if it doesn't get rid of it. This was reported on the company's website.

Apple noted that some users have experienced the watch not charging after a software update and switching to Power Reserve mode. The company claims to have released watchOS 7.3.1, which prevents smartwatches from charging problems. After updating the OS to this version, the device will not be affected by it, Apple promises.

However, if the software update does not change the situation, Apple advises placing the watch in the charger and waiting at least 30 minutes. If after this time the device does not start charging, the company suggests contacting support to apply for a free repair with the watch sent by mail. Apple will check the watch for other damage that may have caused the problem and, if not present, will repair the device for free.

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