• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Bitcoin exchange rate exceeded $ 60 thousand for the first time

On March 13, 2021, the bitcoin rate for the first time exceeded $ 60 thousand. Cryptocurrency cost for 2020 quadrupled from $ 7 thousand. To $ 28 thousand. Since the beginning of this year, Bitcoin has risen in price by $ 32 thousand.

The sharp rise in the value of the coins was mainly due to the large influx of institutional investments, including the recent multi-million dollar investment in the cryptocurrency of the American Tesla and Square , as well as the Chinese Meitu .

According to Rafael Schulze-Kraft, CTO at Glassnode, today's rapid rise in bitcoin has led to the liquidation of over $ 100 million in short positions in minutes.

In early 2021, JPMorgan analysts predicted that the price of bitcoin in the long term could exceed $ 146,000, and the increased interest in cryptocurrency amid the pandemic could even lower the price of gold.

Bitcoin's current market cap is about $ 1.12 trillion, which is already more than the capitalization of Facebook, Tesla and many other companies in the world, except for the five most expensive: Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Amazon and Alphabet.

Exactly a year ago, on March 15, 2020, the cost of bitcoin was about $ 4 thousand.

On February 16, 2021, the bitcoin rate for the first time exceeded $ 50 thousand.