Colin Cowherd: Russell Wilson should put Washington on his list of destinations

Cowherd: Russell Wilson Should Put WFT on the List originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington
Cowherd: Russell Wilson Should Put WFT on the List originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

With Dak Prescott swimming in a pool of cash thanks to his recent deal, Russell Wilson's preferred list of destinations-if the Seahawks choose to trade him, which according to reports appears to be way off going, FYI-is now reportedly up to the Bears, Saints, and Raiders.

One major media personality, however, believes that the star signal-call should make an edit to this list if the reports are correct.

During his Fox Sports radio show on Monday, Colin Cowherd claimed that Washington is currently in a similar place that Tampa Bay had the last offseason just before they signed Tom Brady. That's what this site pointed out right after the Bucs ' Super Bowl win in February.

"What is Tampa?" Cowherd said. "They were 7-9, veteran head coach, super talented defense, promising O-lines."

"Wait," he continued. "Washington was 7-9, a veteran head coach, great defensive talent, promising O-lines."

"Tom Brady looked around the league, he can go anywhere - anywhere - and Tom said,' OK, got the coach, I got the defensive championship, I got some offensive pieces I like, and the offensive line needs the right tackle, but that's good. This is Washington. The difference is, Washington just made the playoffs."

Cowherd's premise is solid - as long as you don't look at it too closely.

The two clubs ' records match, and Bruce Arians and Ron Rivera are both respected leaders. So far, so good.

Now, Washington's defense needs more strengthening before it is considered one of the sport's most feared, and they don't exactly have anyone comparable to the likes of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans.

In addition, when Brady joined Tampa, he brought in Ron Gronkowski and also helped bring in Leonard Fournette and Antonio Brown. Can Wilson pull off recruiting at this level (including convincing the club's front office to sign someone with Brown up to Tampa Bay)?

And, yes, here's the most important point: Wilson's opinion, not Cowherd's, is the only one that matters. If he doesn't want to be considered for Rivera's team, he won't, thanks to the no-trade clause in his contract.

So after further consideration, while one mid-20s, smart blogger previously outlined how Washington could be one marquee ZB from taking a leap to real rival status just as Cowherd did on Monday, the reality is that it's hard to see Wilson actually changing organizations. That's probably putting it kindly, too.

But until Rivera's quarterback room is filled, speculation will remain hot, and a little speculation will never hurt anyone.

"It's time for Russell Wilson to turn away from Chicago and move on to Washington. He will own the unit, " Cowherd concluded. "A pencil is not a pen. Erase it. Insert Washington over Chicago."

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