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D-Wave Started Delivering World's Most Powerful Quantum Business Computer

Canada's D-Wave has begun shipping 5,000-qubit Advantage quantum computers. The devices are marketed as solutions for business needs, not researchers.

The previous system of the 2000Q company had, accordingly, half as many qubits. However, this is much more than competitors who produce quantum computers with 50 qubits. In the new system, they are divided into clusters of 15, connected only within the cluster. In the previous system, 6 qubits were connected in a cluster.

Advantage is a hybrid computing machine with classical and quantum computing platforms. The system splits a large problem into parts to be solved in classical and quantum ways.

The calculators in the new system are cooled to very low temperatures. This requires careful shielding from accidental external electromagnetic interference.

On the new platform, it is possible to use up to one million variables when solving optimization problems, while its predecessor offered 120 thousand elements for storing variables. For "difficult tasks" this number is limited to 20 thousand.

As a result, the size of tasks on the quantum part on D-Wave Advantage has grown 2.5 times.

The new discrete quadratic model (DQM) solver allows you to use in calculations not two variables 0 and 1, but numbers from 1 to 10 or other sets of values. This model will go public on October 8th.

The price of the new system is not disclosed. The predecessor, the D-Wave 2000Q system, cost $ 15 million.

There is no need to purchase the Advantage systems to use quantum computers. This task is solved by the cloud service D-Wave Leap, whose subscribers will get access to updated functions for free.

Finally, D-Wave has prepared a program to support application developers for applied solutions in quantum computing.

The company gave examples of using its systems. Thus, the Canadian retailer Save-On-Foods has already reduced the time to optimize the operation of grocery stores from 25 hours to 2 minutes.

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