Details and release date for folding iPhone

It is noteworthy that Kuo also points out the expected dynamics of sales of the novelty. So the company should deliver 15 to 20 million devices by the end of 2023. The specifications of the device are not disclosed, except for the estimated diagonal of the screen, which will be 8 inches. There is also information about the use of Apple OLED displays South Korean Samsung. It is this company that will become the exclusive supplier of panels for the next generation of iPhone.

According to unconfirmed information, Apple, developing a flexible smartphone, is leaning towards the form factor of the cot Samsung Galaxy q Flip. If insider assumptions are correct, the flexible iPhone screen will be slightly larger than the iPad mini. The highlight of the smartphone will also be the use of Apple's new technology with a silver nanoconconnector as a conductor for the touchscreen display. This solution is already used in HomePod and allows Apple to significantly save on components.

Insiders assure that in the development of Apple now there are two prototypes that have already passed internal tests for durability. Company representatives traditionally do not comment on any information related to unannanoated devices.

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