• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Developers completed reverse engineering of GTA III, Vice City and released for different platforms.

A group of enthusiasts completed the reverse engineering project for GTA III and GTA: Vice City and published the source code and ports of the game for Windows 32bit and 64bit (OpenGL and DirectX 9), Linux, and macOS.

The programmers have tested the functionality of the code on systems with ARM processors. Ports have also released for Nintendo Switch, Playstation Vita, and Nintendo Wii U.

Original assets are required to run the PC version, so you need to buy GTA III.

The authors have fixed many bugs in the original games, added a rotating camera, support for controllers in the Windows version, and removed loading screens between islands.

The team plans to release a physics fix for high FPS, improve performance, in particular with OpenGL, for the Raspberry Pi and make a port for the PlayStation 2.

Re3, a GTA III reverse engineering project started in 2018 by a developer with the nickname Aap to test the collision system and physics. The author of the idea has successfully replaced several functions in the game by adding his own DLL files. After the first stage, the project was frozen.

AAP returned to the project in May 2019 and published it on Github. By that time, he had managed to get 10 thousand lines of source code, while the planned volume of the game was 200-250 thousand lines. Other programmers (Fire_Head, Shfill, Erorcun, Nick007, and Serge) got involved in reverse engineering and over the summer the team made a leap forward in getting the source code, after which the pace slowed down a bit.

Already during the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, developers accelerated and in April 2020 made a standalone Exe file with 180 thousand lines of code. Based on re3, programmers quickly received the source code for GTA Vice City, replacing dynamic link libraries.

Work is currently underway to reverse engineer the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories code.




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