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Equinix internal systems infected with ransomware

The American company Equinix published an official press release, in which it acknowledged the fact of a successful cyberattack on its internal systems. The company does not disclose the scale of the attack but reports that some of the internal systems are damaged due to the ransomware virus embedded there. Cloud4Y shares details.

Equinix is ​​one of the leading colocation companies offering server farm production and installation services. It operates 205 data centers in 25 countries. There are also Russian hosting providers among the company's clients. Since in most cases, customers store information in data centers, the target of attackers could theoretically be the personal data of users.

As of September 14, the investigation into the security incident is ongoing. The attack method and goals of the attackers are still unknown or not disclosed. Representatives of the company in a short press release emphasized that the cyberattack was aimed specifically at internal systems and did not affect the data centers and services of Equinix, that is, the activities of the attackers did not affect users in any way. "Since most of our customers use their own equipment in Equinix data centers, this incident did not affect their operation or the data stored on their equipment," the company said.

There is still no further information on what is happening or on the data of customers who have used Equinix equipment. Therefore, there are still more questions than answers. In addition, if a ransomware virus penetrated Equinix's internal systems, it could block access to data center management tools, as well as other structures that ensure the normal operation of both the colocation company itself and its clients.

Also, the question remains about how exactly Equinix will solve the problem: will it pay money to extortionists, or will be able to restore the systems to work on its own.

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