• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Fan project on reverse engineering of GTA 3 and Vice City was banned by DMCA

Fans of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City have completely revolutionized both games. The source code they created offered some improvements over the original games. It is now possible to download new mods, ray-tracing technologies, and ports to new platforms.

The main creator of the project stated that the DMCA violation claim could have come from Take-Two. As explained on GitHub, re3 uses copyrighted material.

Now the creator of the repository can file a counterclaim, but he fears a trial. The creators will first try to figure out the nature of the claim. They explained that re3 requires game resources to run, and the user must own a copy of GTA 3. The creators have repeatedly emphasized that their code should only be used for educational purposes, as well as for modding. “We do not encourage piracy or commercial use,” they wrote on GitHub.

But Take-Two and Rockstar have a tough stance on fan remakes.

Also in question was the future reLCS project for reverse engineering of the 2005 Liberty City Stories game for the PlayStation Portable. Work on it began in January 2021.

Nintendo, meanwhile, is using copyright infringement warnings to remove YouTube videos detailing how to hack Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. However, not all videos were removed. A video about the Game & Watch jailbreak, which details how to download the Doom port to the device, is still available. These videos do not qualify for copyright claims, as they do not show footage of Nintendo's own games on Game & Watch.

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