• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Fediverse apps may be removed from Google Play due to inappropriate content

Google has warned the developers of Husky, Fedilab, and Subway Tooter for communication on Fediverse decentralized social networks to address violations of the rules of the Play Store. The company said customers can be used to access content that is discriminatory and incites hate.

The developers were given seven days to correct the comments. If the requirements are not met, then the applications will be removed from the Google Play catalog. Warnings were received on 28 August.

Google turned to the developers of those applications that do not have a mechanism for censoring user-generated content, and also do not block servers on which racist, xenophobic and extremist groups are present.

In particular, the Husky application differs from the Tusky parent application precisely in that it does not have a built-in block list. This list includes networks like Gab, which do not censor user comments.

As noted in response to the author of the platform for creating decentralized social networks Mastodon, the applications themselves do not promote hateful groups and are not responsible for their work, but only allow the user to enter the address of any server of interest in the decentralized social network. He believes that all responsibility for the information posted should fall on the server administrator.

According to a Mastodon spokesman, in the same way, Google could have required the removal of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers, as they give access to questionable resources and inappropriate content.




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