Game Boy Advance May Be the Best Way To Watch Tenet, In Fact

Tenet, director Christopher Nolan's latest film, arrived on Blu-Ray in December 2020, but it has now been released in a different physical format: Game Boy Advance cartridges. Through Engadget, YouTuber Bob Wolf managed to match a two-hour, 30-minute time-bending movie with an almost incomprehensible plot on five cartridges, compressed to a 192 x 128 resolution that looks blurry even on a GBA's 240 x 160 display. The worst (best) part of the experience may be that it runs at six frames per second. They even made custom labels for each cartridge, which are, in fact, very well made.

Now, before you ask out loud "why?" Just say " thank you, Bob Wolf!" Instead. It obviously doesn't need to exist, but the promise of these little displays of technical prowess is applied in strange, delicious ways that get me out of bed every morning. Also, it's interesting to imagine Christopher Nolan realizing that there is a fate much worse than the streaming services for his IMAX movies in the end.

You can watch the video above to see how they did it. But, you know what? Why watch YouTube videos YouTube? This Is A Pass. Wulff turned the video above into a ROM download that you can load into a GBA emulator like mGBA, to name one of the many examples you can get on a Windows PC. Come on, you know what you want.

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