• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Google has launched a public alpha test of Jetpack Compose

On August 26, Google launched its new Android development tool Jetpack Compose in alpha mode, as reported on the official Google Android Developers blog. The main goal of JC is to speed up the development process of mobile applications and reduce the amount of final code.

The main feature of Jetpack Compose is the rejection of XML for the layout of the interface and the use of Kotlin, which is already standard for android development, to work with this UI framework. Together, these two solutions not only ease the application development process but also reduce labor and codebase.

In addition to the release of the tool in the public alpha, Jetpack Compose also influenced Android Studio 4.2 canary: together with the Kotlin team, the Google developers added a number of functions from JC to Android Studio. Google engineers call Compose and Android Studio a powerful set of modern tools for Android development.

In addition, the engineers made one of the most important claims given more than a decade of developing mobile applications using XML. This is, of course, about backward compatibility of interface elements created using Jetpack Compose with existing applications containing XML code. Google engineers state that Compose-generated items will be fully compatible with legacy apps.

This indicates that Google is not seeking to create a "competing development standard" that will hang in the air and lead to another holiday within the Android community. If you were developing using Kotlin, then Compose will enter the project almost painlessly, without painful refactoring of the code and "picking out" XML from all parts of the product.

It is important to understand that Compose is not a completely new framework, although this is a public alpha, not a release. In fact, the first public mention of the framework was made back at Google I \ O 2019, at the same time Jetpack Compose was written on Medium and translated into Habré. The last year was a closed alpha, and to participate in it you had to submit applications. JC is now available to everyone.

To learn about all the features of Jetpack Compose, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official page and project blog yourself. If you decide to give JC a try, there is an official tutorial and installation guide here.


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