• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Google will release Pixel 6 with its own Whitechapel chip

According to 9to5Google, new smartphones from Google, including the Pixel 6, will be powered by the company's own GS101 Whitechapel chip. The release of smartphones is scheduled for this fall.

The first reports of the development of a chip that Google will install on Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks surfaced in 2020. Whitechapel, as the journalists found out, will be built on 5-nm process technology and will have eight computing cores. In addition, it will include blocks optimized for machine learning technology.

Google is developing Whitechapel in partnership with Samsung, whose Exynos chips compete with Android's Snapdragon processors.

In the documentation, which the journalists read, there is a mention of Slider. 9to5Google suggested that this is the platform for SoC Whitechapel. Inside Google, the chip is called "GS101", and "GS" is possibly an abbreviation for "Google Silicon".

After examining other projects with a mention of Slider, reporters found that the name is directly related to Samsung, including references to Exynos. Information from the documents confirms that Whitechapel is being developed in conjunction with Samsung Semiconductor's large-scale systems integration (SLSI) division, which means that Google's chips will share some software components with Exynos.

The first smartphones to be released on the new chips will be "Raven" and "Oriole". Presumably, this is the Pixel 6 and another model.

Google does not officially comment on this information.




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