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KFC unveils 4K gaming console with built-in chicken oven

KFC fast-food chain is ready to release its own game console KFConsole. The console is a mini-PC Intel NUC, made in the form of a proprietary KFC bucket. Inside the console is a chicken roaster.

KFC announced KFConsole in June on its KFC Gaming Twitter account. The console was developed in collaboration with the Taiwanese company Cooler Master. Steve James, communications manager at Cooler Master, said the Cooler Master team has been working with KFC on the device since the first tweet.

“It was a lot of fun reading the KFC console articles and comments claiming to be an attempt at trolling the Xbox and PlayStation. Meanwhile, we really worked on it. "

KFC said the console took several steps to build, including a custom-made shell, cooling system design, and chicken warming chambers.

“The biggest challenge was to design the entire internal circuitry to be as compact as possible while still providing sufficient cooling for the hardware,” Tim Malmborg, a professional modder, and member of the Cooler Master team told Tom's Hardware. - The cylindrical design of the bucket and the chick compartment are two separate functions, each of which is difficult to work with. Considering that they had to turn into a high-performance PC, I had to spend many days developing the 3D model. "

KFConsole is based on Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element platform based on Intel Core i9-9980HK. The device has 32 GB of RAM, a 1 TB Seagate NVMe solid-state drive, and an ASUS GeForce RTX graphics accelerator. The KFConsole stove is not just for show. It really heats up the chicken and also serves as part of the PC cooling system. The heat from computer components is transferred to the food compartment. KFC explains that the console's cooling system was built to "remove system heat through the outside of the compartment, which ensures that the internal temperature of the equipment is kept constant while the food is heated."

KFC says the company has created a "competitive system with existing specifications." More details on the console, including pricing and purchase options, will be available next month.

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