Lordstown Motors showed electric pickup without Endurance transmission

The American company Lordstown Motors has developed the endurance electric pickup, the main feature of which is the absence of a classic transmission — the car uses four motor wheels. The company first introduced a prototype car in July, and now published a demo video, reports Electrek.

Many automakers in recent years have become more attentive to electric traction-electric cars have ceased to be "alterations" of other production models in many major international concerns. Against the background of many models of passenger electric vehicles, other segments are developing much more slowly, and it is especially interesting to observe the engineering rethinking of commercial transport. In pickups, for example, the absence of a massive internal combustion engine and the simplification of the transmission sometimes allows you to apply original solutions.

For example, in the Bollinger B2 electric pickup, the absence of an internal combustion engine allows the hatch in the front of the car to be tilted, so that the owner can transport cargo without a trailer, the length of which significantly exceeds the length of the entire car. Another notable electric pickup is the Rivian R1T. This car can charge another car of the same type, and the pickup is also capable of turning on the spot due to four independent motors. At the same time, Rivian uses conventional wheels - each motor is connected to a wheel by a drive shaft.

Lordstown Motors decided to simplify the transmission of torque even more. The Endurance electric pickup truck uses four motor wheels — reducing the number of moving parts, according to the company's representatives, increases reliability.

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Despite the fact that motor wheels have been around for a long time, they are not used in the automotive industry due to the fact that they significantly increase the unsprung mass. Heavy wheels increase the load on the suspension and reduce the handling of the car — this is why car manufacturers and fans of tuning strive to make the wheels as light as possible. The Endurance motor alone weighs more than 30 kilograms, and about the same weight as an ordinary SUV wheel (disc and tire) — that is, the wheel of the new electric pickup will weigh twice as much as the wheel of a car of the same class. Yes, the absence of a classic transmission does reduce the number of moving parts in the car, but the four-wheel-drive scheme potentially promises a lot of engineering and operational problems.

The five-seat pickup can deliver up to 600 peak horsepower and can pull a trailer weighing up to 3400 kilograms. The power reserve for the EPA cycle is 400 kilometres, the charging time from a normal network is 10 hours, and from a high-power charging station-up to one and a half hours. The body has a 120-volt socket for 30 amps.

The first deliveries of the car are planned for the summer of 2021, the price for the Endurance starts from 52500 dollars.

Tesla also has its own pickup truck-the Cybertruck presented in the fall of 2019 is still in the pre-production prototype stage. Its mass production was originally scheduled for the end of 2021, and in order to focus on the production of the electric pickup and Semi truck, Tesla even pushed back the release of the Roadster.

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