• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Microsoft Revisited Why Windows 10 Edge Browser Can't Be Uninstalled

In early September 2020, Microsoft once again clarified why the new Edge browser for Windows 10 cannot be removed from the system.

Microsoft has clarified that the new Chromium-based Edge is the company's recommended web browser. This software is the default web browser for Windows 10. Since Windows 10 supports applications based on the web platform, Edge is an essential component of the operating system that provides the necessary compatibility, accessibility, and performance for users. Therefore, now there is no way to regularly remove the new Edge from the operating system.

The company will continue to update Microsoft Edge with the browser installer or Windows 10 OS updates.

Microsoft recalled that the Edge browser gives users complete control over the import of personal data from other browsers. In addition, Windows 10 users can download and install other browsers and change the default browser at any time.

Earlier in early August, Microsoft revealed that the new version of the Edge browser for Windows 10 cannot be uninstalled. The browser is now included in the operating system update. Users who have installed a new Edge or updated will no longer be able to downgrade the browser version to an earlier version, as well as exclude this software from Windows 10 using the methods available to them. Although this can be done using PowerShell, the OS will become unstable in this case.

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