Most Distant Known Object in solar system Discovered

Discovered 132 Astronomical Units from the sun, the object was called "Farfarout".

Farfarout was first discovered in January 2018 using the Subaru Telescope, 8-meter binoculars at the top of a dormant volcano in Hawaii. Scott Sheppard and his colleagues watched the object over the next few years using various telescopes around the world to understand its trajectory. As a result of these observations, scientists have confirmed that Farfarout is the most distant object found in the solar system.

Farfarout has located exactly 132 AU (Astronomical Units) away from the Sun based on the distance they measure. An AU represents the distance from the center of the Earth to the center of the Sun, which is about 91.757 million miles. Thus, with a simple calculation, we can see how Farfarout is from the Sun. If we want to make a small comparison, we can consider pluton, the dwarf planet most far from the Sun. Pluton is about 34 AU away from the Sun.

Farfarout has a long orbital distance. That's why it moves so slowly. It would take 1,000 years to complete a full round rotation around the Sun. Therefore, accurately mapping the object's trajectory was a very difficult job. After a long time of work, the research team was also managed to clearly map the trajectory. In addition, Sheppard and his team discovered another object in 2018. When discovered, it had the title of the most distant object in the solar system. Now Farfarout, which has been fully made and its distance determined, has sat on this throne.

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