• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Mozilla shut down Firefox Send and Notes services

On September 17, 2020, Mozilla announced the termination of the Firefox Send file service. In addition, a tool for saving and syncing encrypted Firefox Notes will become unavailable on November 1

The company clarified that the Notes mobile app for Android and its sync service will be phased out. The developers ask users to export their notes so as not to lose them. The Notes by Firefox browser extension will continue to work for users who have installed it now. Mozilla will not support or update it from early November. A new installation of this extension will also not be available.

In early July 2020, Mozilla temporarily suspended the Firefox Send file sharing service. The company's specialists took this step after a large number of complaints from users and information security companies about the distribution of malware using this service.

Mozilla planned to restore the Firefox Send service after checking all user complaints, as well as adjusting the rules for using the service. It was assumed that a service would appear there to check and promptly respond to user requests regarding the placement and attempts to transmit malicious content. In addition, the company planned to remove the ability to send files anonymously. Thus, in order to place the file in the service, the user had to register, for example, in the Firefox Account service.

However, these plans were not implemented by Mozilla. The company decided to radically revise its strategy, carry out optimization, and free up resources for the development of its other more profitable and less problematic services - Mozilla VPN, Firefox Monitor, and Firefox Private Network.

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