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NASA announced a competition for ideas for systems for offloading landers on the Moon

NASA has announced an open worldwide competition for ideas for unloading systems for PN of lunar landers with a prize fund of $ 25K The competition is open, including for participants from Russia.

As the Lunar Base is being built, NASA, together with commercial partners, will supply landing gear and payload delivery vehicles. NASA recently selected three providers of manned landing craft (HLS program), as well as commercial lunar satellite delivery service providers (CLPS program). To unload the launch vehicle delivered to the moon, autonomous or semi-autonomous scalable systems will be required that can be delivered from the Earth and deployed without the presence of a crew, which could unload various launch vehicles from different companies' landing gear. “Ideally, the solution should be completely autonomous so that it can work without human intervention for several years; however, ideas that are not completely autonomous are also acceptable if they have the potential to become autonomous. " Desirable, but not required, The official terms are published here.

The following types and weights are expected:

Applications for participation are open on October 29, 2020, the deadline for applications is January 19, 2021. Applications will be considered from January 19 to March 9, 2021, and the announcement of the winners on March 16, 2021.

Actually, this is all news, those wishing to follow the link can familiarize themselves with the original source. I would like to make an offer to create my own team and present our concept.

As you can see from the table, it is difficult to cover all types of payload with one device. A small system can't do anything interesting with Starship PN, a system designed to offload Starship is flagrantly redundant when offloading other landers. One more note - it is indirectly recognized that the lunar Starship proposed by Musk is one of the favorites of the HLS program. It's just that the Dynamics and the National Team landers, in principle, cannot land PN weighing more than nine tons on the moon ...

I would suggest submitting two or three proposals covering the entire range. At the same time, the manipulator, with a lifting capacity of 2-8 tons, must be universal, capable of not only lifting and lowering loads but also working with attachments - a bucket, a hammer, a drilling rig, a light manipulator can have additional equipment for mounting solar panels and curtains made of EVI and the Starship's unloading crane is also used in the construction of the Lunar Base. However, these are my suggestions for discussion.

Questions and discussion in the comments, if necessary, messages in a personal. I will probably supplement this post.

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