• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Netflix Beats Google in Hired Recruitment Rankings

Google, which led theHiredsurvey of IT professionals for the best employers, has dropped for the first time since its launch in 2017. This year, the company came in only third, followed by Netflix and GitHub in first and second.

Hired surveyed 4,100 technicians, asking them to indicate their level of interest in working with companies in their regions. The service has formed a "brand positivity index".

However, engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the vast majority of leading companies are located, would still prefer to work at Google. Their top 10 includes, in addition to Google, Netflix, Slack, LinkedIn, Apple, Square, Dropbox, Facebook, NVIDIA, and Airbnb.

And while salary is still the defining criterion when looking for a job, there are regional differences in the preferences of engineers. According to the survey, in Silicon Valley, this is an opportunity to learn new skills, and in Boston, it is a corporate culture.

Hired also asked technicians about their attitude to video calling on the fly. 31% said that 2 hours of communication a day is enough for productive work. 26% indicated that it is possible to make work video calls for 3 hours daily. Another 9% were willing to hold videoconferences for more than 6 hours a day.

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