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Nvidia plans to release processors under its own brand after buying Arm to compete with Intel or AMD

According to Tom's Hardware, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang spoke this Monday during a video conference about the company's future developments following the purchase of Arm. Huang explained that the technology from the British chipmaker will also be used to bring Nvidia-branded processors to market.

The head of Nvidia clarified that buying Arm is just the beginning. The company is planning several use cases for Arm's developments, from the production of branded chips for licensing and the release of reference chip implementations to the development of custom items based on off-the-shelf cores. This will take Nvidia to the next level, where the company will compete on an equal footing with Intel and AMD.

Huang clarified that the release of the chips under the Nvidia brand will take place in conjunction with the company's partners, who will also be able to use the Arm architecture. Nvidia will expand Arm's development capabilities and add new solutions to them. It is also in Nvidia's best interest, at least in the short term, to expand the Arm Neoverse ecosystem of energy-efficient server chips.

Several ARM Neoverse-based server chips already exist - Graviton 2 from AWS, Altra from Ampere, and Marvell Cavium ThunderX. It is currently unclear how these Arm customers will react to the company's merger with Nvidia and the prospect of competing with the same company from which they will actually license the architecture. The impact of the Nvidia-Arm merger on a number of other startups such as Nuvia is also questionable.

Earlier on September 13, 2020, Nvidia confirmed a $ 40 billion purchase of Arm from the investment company SoftBank. Nvidia has clarified that it will not change its open licensing model for Arm, and will continue to fully support existing Arm customers and maintain its current global neutrality with respect to all customers. Arm will also remain a separate division of the UK-based company.

On September 14, Arm co-founder Hermann Hauser appealed to the British authorities to stop the sale of the company. In his opinion, the move of the British chipmaker to Nvidia will disrupt Arm's current business model and affect the future of UK economic independence.

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