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On Kickstarter, the collection of applications for Flipper Zero has ended

On August 29, the collection of applications for the electronic multitool Flipper Zero ended on Kickstarter.

Tamagotchi for hackers raised $ 4,882,784 . The project found 37,987 backers on the crowdfunding platform.

Initially, the authors of this project zhovner upon entering Kickstarter, the task was to raise the amount of $ 60 thousand, which was collected in 8 minutes. A day after the placement, the project had more than $ 500 thousand in fees, and a day and a half after $ 1 million was collected. The $ 4 million bar was broken in 24 days.

The developers have unlocked all additional features for this version of the electronic multitool, including various body colors, built-in Bluetooth (BLE + regular Bluetooth), and NFC (13.56 MHz).

In addition, on August 26, the authors delighted users that Flipper Zero will receive a MicroSD slot for memory cards. And everyone who ordered the device will have this option. Flipper Zero

Estimated Delivery Date users around the world - February 2021.

The number of project backers from different cities and countries of the world.

The main elements of Flipper Zero.

  • 1.4-inch monochrome display;

  • radio module based on TI CC1101 (transmission and reception of signals in the range of 300-928 MHz);

  • built-in decoder for popular remote control algorithms (Keeloq and others);

  • infrared transmitter (the IR receiver can intercept signals and store them in memory);

  • 125 kHz RFID antenna (for reading EM-4100 and HID Prox cards, you can save them in memory and emulate them directly from the menu);

  • built-in panel for reading iButton keys (DS1990A - TouchMemory or Dallas);

  • emulator of USB keyboard and mouse, support for BadUSB and U2F Security Token;

  • Bluetooth with blue protocol support;

  • NFC with the ability to read, write and emulate ISO-14443 cards;

  • GPIO pins for wired connection to gadgets and physical penetration test;

  • built-in battery, with it the gadget can work up to 7 days without recharging;

  • microSD slot for memory cards;

  • USB Type-C port.

Roadmap for the Flipper Zero project.

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