PopSockets Launches Introductory Factory Based on Phone Grip

PopSockets, a manufacturer of expandable phone pens and lifestyle accessories, today announced a step toward more environmentally sustainable products with a PopGrip factory. Made with corn starch, castor beans, and rapeseed oil, PopGrip Plant is an eco-friendly phone grip solution retailing for $ 15. It is available exclusively on PopSockets.com In two colors, Ice Blue and Light Jade, with additional styles coming to global markets this fall. To celebrate the launch of the PopGrip plant, PopSockets challenges employees and customers to take on the #smallstepsbigimpact challenge and set up small daily events to be more environmentally friendly.

In 2019, PopSockets developed a plan to reduce the company's carbon footprint and began sourcing and testing recycled and compostable materials, as well as ocean-related and plant-based materials. After studies showed that the compostable product would break down to produce methane gases and emissions-a result worse than the original PopGrip, it was found that plant-based plastic most effectively reduced product lifecycle emissions while maintaining durability and functionality. This first iteration of the PopGrip plant is 35% plant-based-the top is 56% corn starch from Europe, the accordion is 52% rapeseed oil from Europe, and the connector hub is 70% castor bean from India. The materials have sustainable sources and are not drawn from food.

"At PopSockets, we are committed to a sustainable future." Said David Barnett, PopSockets CEO. "We are focused not only on product innovation but also on partnerships that offer short and long-term solutions to reduce carbon emissions. We expect to continually improve over time, and a key part of our efforts will be to increase the use of plant-based materials across the entire PopSockets product line."

As PopSockets continues to take steps forward in environmental sustainability, consumers and employees are also being asked to join in for Earth Month and beyond. Starting today, PopSockets will share planet-friendly events through social media channels and the PopSockets website as part of the #SmallStepsBigImpact campaign. Participants are encouraged to participate and capture their small but spectacular daily efforts to reduce energy and emissions for opportunities to win at the PopGrip factory.

"PopSockets is proud to meet and exceed our three-year sustainability goals, and to support our customers, employees, and environmental nonprofit partners on their journey to creating a healthy planet." Said Jennifer Forman, director of corporate citizenship at PopSockets. "This is just the beginning for PopSockets - we are constantly raising the bar on our operational sustainability goals to achieve a dramatic reduction in our carbon footprint over the next few years and promote activism as a lifestyle."

PopSockets has committed to continue the research and testing needed to increase the percentage of plants with each new product development. Also, in 2020, PopSockets:

  • Increase the use of recycled and sustainably wooded cardboard in packaging to 99%

  • Recycled more than 55,000 pounds of products, packaging, and phone cases

  • 66% reduction in shipping emissions%

  • 75% of Headquarters waste diverted (before COVID closure)

  • More than $ 150,000 donated to environmental charity partners

  • Expanded TerraCycle partnership from the US to the UK and Germany

For more information about PopSockets' commitment to people and the planet, please visit Popsockets.com/pages/corporate-responsibility.


PopSocketsPopSockets was founded in 2010 by former philosophy professor David Barnett. Barnett was looking for a way to prevent his earphone cord from getting tangled when he glued two buttons to the back of the phone and wrapped the cord around them. In 2014, PopSockets launched from its garage in Boulder, Colorado, and today it has offices around the world. PopSockets exists to change the world for the better with innovative, magical products and community-empowered activism. Major products include PopGrip, PopTop, PopWallet, PopMounts, and PopGrip Slide Stretch, all designed to increase ease and functionality with devices used daily. To date, more than 196 million PopSockets have been sold worldwide. In 2018, PopSockets premiered the Poptivism program-a charity platform where customers create their own PopGrip designs and PopSockets donates 50% of the sale price to the charity of the customer's choice. The brand has donated more than $ 4 million in cash and products to 400 nonprofit partners and the charitable effort has since expanded to include wellness and sustainability. In 2021, PopSockets was awarded as one of the world's most innovative Fast Company.

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