• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Private companies complain that regulators restrict commercial use of space

During online sessions at TechCrunch Space 2020, Capella Space CEO Payam Banazadeh, Spire Global CEO Peter Platzer, ICEYE co-founder Rafal Modjewski, and Slingshot Aerospace founder Melanie Stricklan complained that governments are creating regulatory barriers to private participation in space exploration.

Banazade noted that he sees some improvement in US regulatory policy over the past year. However, according to him, the problem of balancing the interests of national security and ensuring competition at the international level remains. Banazade believes that the authorities should support the private sector in promoting their ideas.

Modjewski supported his position. He also emphasized that the national approach to specific types of activity hinders the evolution of the industry: "The more global we approach the market, the wider the competition, the less restrictions."

Governments are major clients for most of these businesses. Government spending is about half of the $ 423 billion invested in the private space industry. But this is not enough for market growth. The authorities could provide private companies with a large number of government contracts.

Conference attendees noticed that they had to fulfill orders from governments instead of doing commercial development.

According to Modjevski, government agencies can highlight areas where new business opportunities are emerging and transfer them to the private sector.

As Stricklan concluded, the global space ecosystem remains highly isolated, and the processes inside it are completely different from those that have taken place in Silicon Valley for the past 10-15 years: "This industry still needs a digital transformation."




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