Razer actually makes its own concept of RGB face mask

Razer says it plans to ship its reusable N95 face mask concept. Unveiled back in January, Hazel's project includes active disk-type fans, Chroma RGB lighting, and voice projection. The face mask is also transparent, allowing you to read lips and see facial cues when you talk to people.

"We thought it was a concept project and it would be relevant when the vaccinations and everything was rolled out," Razer CEO Ming-Liang Tang says in an interview with Yahoo Finance. "We're going to start making it a reality and send it to the smart mask."

The Razer project by Hazel Musk. Image: Razer

The Razer smart mask debuted at CES 2021 earlier this year with removable and rechargeable fans and a glossy outer shell made of waterproof and scratch-resistant recycled plastic. The fans also act as voice amplifiers, thanks to microphones built inside, so you don't have the sound muffled during a conversation.

Chroma RGB lighting allows two fans to glow, and even automatically shine a light on your mouth when it gets dark, so others can see you talking. It's a smart mask that loads with technology, but Razer insists it's comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable ear loops.

Razer has not committed to any type of pricing or release date, and the company will also require approvals and certifications from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That doesn't stop Razer from making this smart mask real, however.

"The Hazel project will be a reality," says Tan. "We're going to make this happen, and I think we're all going to, unfortunately, wear masks for a long time in the future."

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