• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Sciener and TURBO to talk about new IT opportunities in repair management

Sciener, a partner of TURBO (part of the Consist Business Group, LANIT ), invites you on September 10 at 11.00 to the web event " TURBO TORO: New IT Opportunities in Repair Management". Experts will talk about how to reduce equipment downtime and optimize repair costs using the domestic TURBO TORO information system.

Webinar participants will see the new version of TURBO TORO in action. The system implements a complete repair accounting loop and allows you to plan repairs based on various scenarios, work with an expanded structure of technological maps, etc.

In a program:

  • the urgent needs of the corporate sector for repair management;

  • setting up maintenance processes at the enterprise;

  • how to reduce equipment downtime and repair costs with TURBO MAINTENANCE: maintaining a register of equipment, diagnostics, and accounting of equipment operation, fulfilling a repair order, forming a repair plan, reporting;

  • planning of repairs according to various scenarios in TURBO MAINTENANCE - orders, diagnostic programs, flow charts, system demonstration. 

Participation is free. The duration of the event is 1.5 hours.




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