• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Servo project handed over to Linux Foundation

Mozilla has donated the Servo browser engine project to the Linux Foundation, a non-profit organization. Servo will now be developed as an independent browser engine.

Mozilla previously worked on the development of the project in collaboration with Samsung.

Servo developers will be developing a high-performance and secure engine for embedding in other applications. It will be easier for third-party developers to join the project.

Futurewei, Let's Encrypt, Mozilla, Samsung, and Three.js have already announced their support for the project.

Servo is written in Rust and supports multithreaded rendering of web pages and parallelizing operations with the Document Object Model. Previously, the engine could not fully exploit the potential of modern multi-core systems, since it used single-threaded content processing schemes. But the developers were able to break down the DOM and rendering code into small subtasks. They run in parallel and are capable of more efficient use of the resources of multicore systems.

Some of Servo's work has already been implemented in Firefox, including the multi-threaded CSS engine and the WebRender rendering system.

Mozilla announced this summer that will part with 250 employees or about 30% of the staff. The company is restructuring and introducing a new approach to management. Mozilla's plans have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Now the company intends to make a major investment in a cloud storage service for the Pocket pages it likes, the social network Hubs, and its own VPN service.

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