• Daniyar Kylyzhov

South Korea fined Facebook $ 6 million for selling information to 3.3 million Koreans

The Korean Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) fined Facebook 6.7 billion won ($ 6.06 million) and demanded a criminal investigation for providing personal information of South Korean citizens to other companies without consent. This was reported by Yonhap agency.

The commission, which was created in August of this year, said that Facebook shared the data of 3.3 million Koreans from 18 million users in the country to third-party companies from May 2012 to June 2018. According to representatives of the regulator, the social network transferred data to other services when users log in to them through Facebook. It included usernames, addresses, dates of birth, work experience, place of residence, and relationship status.

The exact volume provided to third-party companies is unclear as the social network did not provide the relevant documentation. Agency representatives added that the social network refused to cooperate with the regulator and gave him incomplete or fake documents. The commission clarified that the data could have been received by about 10 thousand companies within six years, so their volume can be very significant.

The agency will transmit information about its investigation to the South Korean prosecutor's office and will require a criminal case.

A Facebook representative in the Republic of Korea expressed regret over the fine and the requirement to open a criminal case. The company said it fully cooperates with the investigation and promised to carefully study the sanctions that the country's authorities may apply to it.


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