Tesla Cybertruck User Interface (VIDEO)

Tesla Cybertruck User Interface (VIDEO)

A video showing the operation of the Cybertruck electric pickup dashboard was leaked to the network. The most interesting thing is that the leak appeared on the site of the former head of Tesla's department of user interface design.

Pavel Petrika has worked at Tesla since 2016, after which he stepped down from his post and founded his own design office Moderne Grafik Anstalt. It was there that the portfolio included curious photos and videos shedding light on some elements of future Tesla cars.

For example, above you can look at the user interface of the widely advertised Cybertruck. Some elements were previously demonstrated in the official video back in 2019, but only now they have been fully considered. After a while, all the data was deleted, but the Internet does not forget anything.

It's not really clear whether the final is the design or Paul Petrica laid out his early designs. Journalists also gained access to Tesla driving visualizations using Full Self-Driving. All videos are available here.

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