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The developers of the super popular game Among Us explained their slowness: there are only four

January 20, 2021, Studio InnerSloth told about the plans for the development of Among Us multiplayer arcade. The developers explained that their small team of four tries to be as productive as possible, but it is not easy, which makes the project progress slowly.

Porting a game to other platforms like Nintendo Switch and Xbox is time-consuming. For the most part, this is not directly related to development. The studio employees have to deal with a large amount of behind-the-scenes work, including solving legal issues, meetings, planning, project certification on platforms, partner support.

The developers recalled that by the end of 2020, Among Us has gained incredible popularity. The game has over 500 million users. The studio did not expect such a success. The team had to make big changes in the development of the project. Before starting to release updates and fixes, including new modes and levels, the studio spent two months just restructuring and implementing new development processes, as well as attracting external partners to help develop the project in some areas.

Initially, only three people worked on the creation of the game. Another developer was added last year. This helped the studio with the ongoing development of the project.

The creators of the game explained that they are not going to expand the staff of the studio yet. According to them, this will not speed up the development process, and it may even slow it down and cause a lot of problems, including financial ones, which other indie studios have already faced. They fear that the time spent on training and onboarding new hires, resolving possible interpersonal disputes, artistic differences, understanding, and coding will be wasted, and updating the team will not help the project.

A new free update for the game is coming soon, featuring a new large map with new missions and exploration areas, as well as ladders and floating platforms to move around. Innersloth is also promising to launch an account system soon, albeit with a focus on moderation, and publish a roadmap with game updates for 2021.

Trailer for the new card Among Us.

Among Us was released in June 2018 for iOS and Android, followed by a PC version of the game in August. This is a 2D arcade game where 5 to 10 players must prepare their spaceship for launch. However, several users are also hidden killers.

In September 2020, the developers Among Us announced that they would not release a sequel due to the unexpected success of the original, but would focus on the development and refinement of the current project.


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