• Daniyar Kylyzhov

The iCloud not stand the Christmas load, it is impossible to activate the Apple Watch and HomePod

According to the MacRumors portal, the part of Apple's iCloud cloud service, which is responsible for activating and logging into an Apple ID account, could not stand the Christmas load. For almost a day now, some users have been unable to set up and connect a new Apple Watch and HomePod speakers.

Apple explained on the system status page of its services that the problem with verifying the account and connecting to the cloud service arose last night and is still not resolved.

Users complain that on Christmas morning they cannot connect new gadgets to iCloud while setting them up. The service simply hangs for a few minutes, and then gives an error: "Verification failed - an error occurred while verifying your Apple ID." Retrying activation by pairing with a work iPad or iPhone also doesn't work. Rebooting and factory reset doesn't help.

MacRumors believes this is likely due to the high load from new users logging into Apple's activation servers for the first time. The only option for owners of new gadgets is to be patient and wait until the iCloud cloud system is available.

User confirmed MacRumors guess. He contacted Apple tech support regarding a crashing issue while setting up the new Macbook Pro M1. The company's specialists explained that due to the large number of new devices, the servers cannot cope, and he needs to try later.

Other users reported that they were having similar problems activating and setting up the new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Macbook Air M1.




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