The Japanese billionaire will take anyone to the moon. But there are a number of conditions

In 2023, SpaceX will send to the Moon Japanese businessman Yusak Maezawa - but he will not fly alone. The billionaire announced the recruitment of companions for space travel: abandoning his original plans, he is ready to "throw" to the Earth satellite eight people among the most ordinary people. However, if certain conditions are met.

Elon Musk, the head of SpaceX, announced the agreement with the businessman to organize the space tour in 2019. Then he noted that in the history of mankind only 24 people reached the Moon, and since 1972, after the completion of the Apollo mission, no one has visited the Earth's satellite. The launch is scheduled for 2023 and has not been officially postponed yet.

At first, Maezawa planned to find a girl for a joint flight but later abandoned the idea. He specified that he was ready to invite eight people on board, and anyone could take part in the selection. To do this, the application needs to tell about yourself and the scope of its activities. In addition, the applicants must explain exactly how flying to the moon can help them bring more benefit to humanity. Another necessary quality for candidates is the willingness to support team members during the flight.

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