The next Moto 360 May Have a Snapdragon 4100

Careful what you put in your marketing materials

Image: CE Brands

A planned Motorola branded Wear OS smartwatch with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor may have leaked (via 9to5Google). If the photos are real and not just rendered, it could be a sign that the next Moto 360 (or whatever it's called) may perform significantly better than in the past, and may reap some of the efficiency benefits brought by the jump from the 28nm to the 12nm process alone.

The 2019 Moto 360 used the Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, which was only a minor update to 2016 2100. Despite the company's claims that the new (ish) 4100 has an 85 percent faster processor, two and a half times faster GPU, and 25 percent longer battery life, it seems that there is only one watch on the market that actually has a chip.

An image that shows a potential watch (and which also appears to show a wireless charging coil) was found in the investor's presentation along with three other smartwatches. The unnamed watch has some text on the back, and when Reddit user TheMacJezza zoomed in and improved, they saw that it seemed to say "Snapdragon Wear 4100". I'm no logician, but that would seem to mean that this mystery Moto has a Snapdragon Wear 4100 in it (especially considering that the current Moto 360 has its CPU name printed on the back as well).

An unnamed Motorola watches, with some contrasting settings. Image: u/ThemacJezza

Motorola doesn't actually make a Moto-branded smartwatch itself. The name was licensed by eBuyNow, which released the third-generation Moto 360 in 2019. eBuyNow later merged with another company called CE Brands, according to 9to5Google, which previously reported on an investor presentation detailing the Moto branded hardware roadmap for 2021.

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