The original Deathloop has received a new colorful trailer (VIDEO)

Deathloop's upcoming action is not the easiest game to understand, especially if gamers can only study it by trailers. Representatives of Arkane Studios decided to independently explain the essence and basic mechanics of their creation. True, and they did it using a time loop.

The main task of the Deathloop player is to destroy eight targets that are in different areas of the map at different times. All around will try to prevent this, which means that special abilities and a large number of weapons will be useful. If you fail, progress (improvements, data, and skills) can be maintained.

Developers describe Deathloop as a "puzzle with murders", independently determine the genre of the game and understand the intricacies of the idea and gameplay will be no earlier than May 21, 2021. The action will be released on PS and PlayStation 5, and other consoles will appear at least in a year.

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