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The timing of the appearance and the price of a full-fledged autopilot in Tesla cars announced

Back in 2020, Elon Musk announced the launch of a full-fledged autopilot for Tesla cars in test mode. It was unclear what level of autonomy it belongs to, but in the course of a recent financial report, the billionaire decided to clarify this issue. However, he told me when the full release will take place.

In modern Tesla cars, the autopilot of the second level of autonomy is presented. This means that the AI ​​only partially controls the car, while the driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel and must be ready to intervene in the road situation at any time. Even the third level of autonomy can significantly reduce the number of accidents. It was assumed that it was about this technology that Elon Musk was talking about. As it turned out, in the bowels of Tesla, AI is almost ready with a level 5 autopilot level.


This technology completely excludes human participation in driving a vehicle. According to Elon Musk, new cars will receive it by the end of 2021. The only condition will be the transfer of control of the neural network machine running on the Dojo supercomputer. The development of the system has not been completed but is in the final stages.

Against this background, Tesla's policy regarding owners who paid $ 7,000 for a less advanced version of the autopilot looks especially curious. So, everyone who wants to get an autopilot of the fifth level will have to pay Elon Musk another $ 10,000. No concessions are planned, which means that the first installment has become a kind of investment in the company's future developments.

In addition, Elon Musk said that Tesla has held preliminary negotiations with other automakers about licensing its software. Thus, advanced autopilot may appear in other brands as well.

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