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Valve, embroiled in a legal battle between Apple and Epic, is trying to get out of the conflict

Apple is trying to involve Valve in its lawsuit with Epic Games. Apple requires the company to provide information on Steam sales, ad revenue, and other information. This data, Apple says, is critical to its dispute with Epic. Valve says the information is confidential and not related to Apple's case.

Last fall, Apple asked Valve for a series of filings revealing total annual Steam app sales, annual store ad revenue; the annual sales of third-party products related to Steam, as well as the names of all games on the store, the range of dates the games were made available, and the price of each application on Steam.

Valve provided some of the documents, but Apple claims they have been edited and do not contain the required information.

The information requested, according to Apple, is "critical to calculating the number of digital distribution channels available for Epic apps."

In its defense, Valve says Steam has nothing to do with the dispute between Apple and Epic.

"Valve does not manufacture or cell phones, tablets, or video games for mobile devices and does not compete in the mobile market in any way," the company said in a letter to the California District Court filed last week. "Fortnite is not on Steam, and Epic has publicly and unequivocally stated that Fortnite will not appear on Steam unless Valve changes its business model."

Valve says that meeting Apple's requirements will require "a huge amount of work" and that Apple has not offered to cover the costs of this process.

Apple cites a court order to provide similar information from Samsung. Valve recalled that it is a private company, unlike Samsung.

“Valve chose to remain private in part to avoid the disclosure requirements that companies like Samsung or Google are subject to. Valve does not disclose its sales and earnings data and benefits greatly from the confidentiality of such information. "

In 2018, Valve blocked services such as Steam Spy and Steam Gauge, which allowed them to estimate Steam game sales based on samples of user account data. Despite Apple's assurances that the information requested does not pose a risk of economic harm to Valve, Valve insists that the information is confidential and immaterial to Apple's current litigation.

“For some reason, in the dispute over mobile applications, a PC game maker that does not compete in the mobile market is portrayed as a key figure. This is not the case, ”concludes Valve.

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