• Daniyar Kylyzhov

Windows 10 ARM runs faster on Mac with M1 than Surface Pro X

Twitter user Sunshine Biscuit at scale published the results of testing the performance of the new MacBook Pro 13 on the M1 chip with Windows 10 installed for ARM processors. It turned out that the system performs better on an Apple computer than on the native Surface Pro X.


At the moment, Apple computers with Apple Silicon processors do not officially support Windows 10. But last week, a German developer Alexander Graf was able to run Windows on an M1-based Mac using the QEMU virtual machine. Moreover, this is not emulation, but full-fledged native virtualization, which allows you to achieve good performance. However, so far the running OS from Microsoft on Mac is not always stable, and some of the system's functions are not available.

Enthusiasts have tested the performance of computers at GeekBench. So, running with QEMU Windows 10 on a MacBook Pro 13 showed a result of 1288 points in a single-core test and 5449 points in a multi-core test.

This is significantly more than in the Microsoft Surface Pro X based on the Microsoft SQ2 processor with 16 GB of RAM - their testing gave a result of 799 points in single-core and 3089 points in multi-core tests.

For comparison: in its own macOS 14 Big Sur, the laptop gives out 1737 and 7549 points, respectively.

Thus, the Apple computer was almost twice as productive. This indicates that, in the first place, the performance of the Mac on the M1 is not due to the optimization of macOS 14 Big Sur, but to the hardware itself.

The developer was able to run Windows ARM64 Insider Preview on Mac by virtualizing it using Hypervisor. framework. Apple itself claims that this method allows you to work with virtualization without the need to write KEXT kernel extensions. This allows the guest code to be executed directly on the central processor. This is what made it possible to achieve such good Windows performance on Apple Silicon.

It is likely that if the Windows 10 ARM version is adapted for Apple's new chips, the new Macs will become the most powerful devices to run that version of the system. Earlier this was stated by the senior vice president of software development at Apple Craig Federighi: according to him, the company's computers are ready to work in the Windows environment, and the adaptation of the OS is completely on the shoulders of Microsoft.




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