• Daniyar Kylyzhov

YouTube has banned the collective creation of subtitles for videos

YouTube has turned off the Community Help feature for collective video subtitling since September 28

In addition, the moderators found more insults and spam in the materials that were added through this function than in regular videos.

Now only authors can add subtitles manually or automatically.

In compensation for those who have used Community Help for three or more videos in the past 60 days, YouTube is offering a free six-month subscription to the Amara subtitling service. Contributors will receive a notification on their YouTube Studio dashboard with more information on how to subscribe to the service. In addition, a list of video hosting partners for subtitling can be found in the YouTube Help Center.

The company first announced its intention to turn off co-captioning back in July. This decision met with criticism. For example, the hearing-impaired blogger Ricky Poynter said that the tool plays a big role for her colleagues since they cannot create subtitles on their own and are not ready to spend money on it.

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