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YouTube started testing automatic chapter placement in videos

YouTube is testing an AI model that will automatically divide videos into chapters. Now chapters need to be manually added to the video description. The new model will save authors time.

Video chapters help viewers skip uninterested moments in the video, provide additional information and context for a specific part of the video, and make it easier to navigate the video. In April, YouTube began rolling out the ability to add chapters to videos on mobile devices. Chapters appeared at the bottom of the video player; they use the timestamps from the video description. Chapters will be added automatically shortly. To do this, the AI ​​model will be guided by the video text.

“We want to make it easier for viewers to navigate the video, so we're experimenting with auto-adding chapters so creators don't have to manually add timestamps. We will use machine learning for OCR and automatic chapter creation, ”reads the YouTube blog.

The platform will still test the innovation on a small group of videos. Authors whose videos are included in the experiment can opt-out and post their opinion on the YouTube forum. So far, the efficiency of the technology has been about 70%.

In addition, the video hosting started testing the simplified timestamping of the video.

“We're testing an easier way to add a timestamp to the exact moment you're watching. Viewers who participate in the experiment will see a new icon when they write a comment. If they click on this icon, they can automatically add the current video time without having to enter it manually, ”the blog explains. This experimental feature is currently also available to a small group of viewers.

Earlier, YouTube began testing the creation of multi-segment videos. With this method, creators can record multiple video clips in the YouTube mobile app and upload them as one video. To do this, the authors participating in the experiment must press the record button to record the first clip, then press again or release the button to stop recording the clip. The duration of one segment can be up to 15 seconds.

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