ZmBIZI - the smartphone that pays the user to view ads


The company has released a smartphone that allows the user to make money from its use. And it's not about mining or anything like that. Virtual points are awarded for viewing ads and participating in various promotions, and withdrawals are made through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

It has become a real anthem of privacy. Not that the smartphone cares too much about personal information, rather the point is that the user will get paid for the fact that he is usually absolutely free to impose all sorts of services and applications. The smartphone comes with a branded debit card. Moreover, it is able to accept contactless payments from bank cards or other smartphones through Apple Pay or Google Pay

It plans to enter the market aggressively, encouraging phone owners for certain actions. In this case, the user will be able to choose scenarios of working with the device on their own. For example, he is completely free to install Google services, turning the mobile phone into a device familiar to millions of people. In this case, the reward should not be counted on, but no one will limit it.

The current version has an advanced THX-based sound system, but a mediocre 600-series processor adjacent to the dual camera. It says it is already working on a new device with flagship features but does not name the release date. In addition, in the future, it will be possible to install the software on any other smartphones to make money with them.

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